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  Tank Cleaning  

Nicotank process

Photo of a Tank Storage
Our innovative tank cleaning system called “Nicotank process” for cleaning crude oil storage tanks through an automatic process suitable for cleaning  all types of tanks (both fixed roof and floating roof tanks) and recuperate hydrocarbons.

The tank cleaning process is based on the principle of liquefying sedimented hydrocarbons mechanically by introducing  energy and heat into the closed tank through jet washer (that are mounted in the guide pipes of the tank roof and in the  bottom through the manholes). In the first stage of Nicotank process the sludge is flushed with crude oil to liquefy the hydrocarbon  content ready for the refinery.

Next, gas oil or other middle distillate can be used to dissolve and recover further hydrocarbons from the residues and sediment layer on the bottom of the tank.

The sludge that dredges out from the tank now is ready to be treated through a “Centralized  Sludge Treatment Facility”.

The technology used by  GEMNICO includes the circulation and fluidification of the product and the use of a three-phase and two-phase centrifugation station, that allows the recovery of hydrocarbons and the minimization of waste to be disposed of. Now the solid waste may be treated  by a drying system called NICODRYER, which operates in a slightly depressurized closed circuit, with water and oil condensation.

NicoTank system is a closed circuit tank cleaning system, which is considered practical and safe and helps  reduce to a minimum the entry of personnel within confined spaces. Once the work site is set up,  nozzles are placed on the manholes of the tank.

When and if the tank level is above the level of the manhole, the nozzles are installed with the use of special ‘HOT TAP MACHINE’. This  system allows for the installation of the nozzles on the manholes,  whilst  cold cutting them.

In order to assess the recovery of valuable substances  the composition  of the sludge needs to be evaluated.

Typical sludge is made up of 80% - 90% heavy Hydrocarbons and paraffin, 5-20% water and 3-5% inorganic materials.

Centrifugation Station (1)

Centrifugation Station (2)

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