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  Sulphur Pastillation/Solidification (EPC & Maintenance )  

Econova Corporation is a world class in sulphur solidification, but also as a major supplier of technical solutions, basic design and construction for the world energy sector.

Over 150 professionals and technicians experts in the execution of technically projects Worldwide, construction, operation & maintenance of the sulphur pastillator facilities plants.

Services :
The integrated services offered by Econova Corporation to the sulphur generating companies during their processes, for example (Refineries; Petrochemicals; Gas Plants, etc.) include:
  • Conceptual and basic engineering of the new sulphur solidification plants.
  • Revamping and enlarging already existing plants.
  • Technical and economical feasibility studies relating to solidification plants.
  • Procurement of material and equipments.
  • Key in hand construction, commissioning and start up of new facilities/plants.
  • Technical management of sulphur solidification plants.
  • Supervision, operations & maintenance in the sulphur solidification market Worldwide.

General Development:

  • Advising
  • Planning
  • Aquisition
  • Construction Supervision
  • Start Up
  • Project Coordination
  • Technical & Operational and Special Services.

The Technology:
Environmental Aspects

With its vivacious color content, not only is the final product environmentally friendly but is also a complement to the surrounding area.

The Econova Management over the time had a high attention to all regulatory environmental issues and has studied all processes available to select the best technology and satisfy the markets of sulphur solidification process.

The Sandvik Rotoform® pastillation process, has been selected for Econova because, it provides the most effective environmental results on the sulphur solidification markets.

The Rotoform® pastillation process, provides the following operational conditions that satisfy the environmental issues:

  • The permanent operation of steel belt coolers.
  • The heat is transferred indirectly so neither the sulphur nor the cooling water can be contaminated
  • The water is normally just recycled back into the system after cooling.
  • Low friability of the pastilles means the atmosphere is virtually dust free.
  • The extracted fumes require no treatment such as scrubbing or incineration.

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