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General Energy Management Systems Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India

General Energy-Management Systems (GEMS) is the result of over two decades of experience and entrepreneurship between its inceptors. The company has drawn on the international background and management capabilities of its founders and staff to create a powerful platform for itself in the energy sector.

GEMS products and services are dedicated to the energy sector, providing solutions to its clients by means of representing in India the interests of a number of world leaders in the energy sector.

The phenomenal pace of development in GEMS has been due to the keen foresight of its management and team members, along with the high receptivity of the products and services offered on the part of its clients. Growing rapidly, GEMS currently employs about 350 well-trained professionals in their own knowledge base with 16 state offices, 4 regional offices and 13 spare parts warehouses with regional workshops in Delhi, Pune and Chennai.

GEMS's unceasing endeavor towards excellence has paid rich dividends to an increasing base of satisfied clients, stakeholders, principals and top-notch oil & gas companies of India in both public & private sectors.

NICO S.P.A., Italy

Nico S.p.a. is a leading Italian Company in Industrial & environmental Services , such as Catalyst Handling, Chemical Cleaning, Hydrocarbon Decontamination, Tank Cleaning, Waste Treatment & Waste Minimization, Transport of special wastes both dangerous, sulphur pastillation and disposal.

Nico is present in all refining and petrochemical plants located within Italy, and has over 35 years experience all around Europe.

The Company relies on highly qualified technical staff: mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, and many specialized operators engaged in various activities in chemical plants, refineries, and power plants.

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