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  Catalyst Handling  

Technicians  leveling the bed of inerts inside a reactor, breathing with a  full Life Support System.

Technician  leveling the bed
of inerts inside a reactor.

With the use of modern and qualified secure techniques, equipment and communication systems, our technicians are able to work in toxic and/or explosive atmospheres, where maximum safety standards are required, when it is necessary to have the atmosphere inert.

Main activities that are carried out in this sector are:

  • Blinding equipment for the opening and closing of manholes.
  • Repairing, installing and removing internal parts within reactors and vessels (lining, grids, trays, plates, etc).
  • Totally and or partially removing catalysts from single bed or multiple bed reactors (soft vacuuming)
  • Catalyst unloading from the bottom of the reactor together with on site or off site screening.
  • Catalyst unloading from the top of the reactor using a special vacuum truck equipped with a cyclone separator.
  • Screening of catalysts and inerts of all sizes.
  • Filling of catalysts into drums or containers in respect of all legal requisites for their transportation.
  • Catalysts and Inerts Reactor Loading, including Sock and Dense Loading (licensee of the Densicat© system which is patented by Petroval/Total).
  • Recirculation of inert gas during catalyst unloading using a Vacuum and cooling unit.
  • Internal inspections with the use of digital color cameras equipped with monitors and digital recorders (dvr).
  • Passivation of the internal lining of reactors and vessels.
  • Personnel extensively trained for safety.

Our Vacuum truck during Catalyst unloading

Catalyst unloading with vacuum truck

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