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  Case History - Chemical Cleaning Case History  
Co-Boiler at Tamoil Collombey (Switzerland)
Boiler -Tamoil Collombey, Switzerland

Job carried out in 6 days, including 3 days of actual cleaning of the boiler.

After having filled the circuit with water, we tested it and unloaded it again, refilled it and then started heating. We then added oil dispersant and other chemicals, and after a twelve hours circulation, we started the acid phase by adding citric acid, corrosion inhibitor and ammoniac solution. Under these conditions the solution had a pH=6.5, hence we continued to monitor the treatment.

After draining the acid solution and completing the rinsing phase, we started the passivation phase by adding citric acid, ammoniac solution and sodium nitrite.

After this phase we rinsed and handed over the Boiler to the client, after having checked and inspected the cylinder body, which resulted perfectly clean and passivated.

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