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  Case History - Catalyst Handling Case History  

Reactor R151 Esso Augusta
during catalyst loading

Reactor R151 T5 - Esso Augusta
Reactor R151 Esso Augusta during catalyst loading

Diesel HDS with a 3 bed reactor, loaded with 300 tons catalyst;

Reactor unloaded in four 12 hour shifts, with 7 operators per shift. Extensive requirement to shovel the catalyst residue remaining within the reactor, and internals cleaning using vacuum equipment;

Simultaneous gravity unloading of the 3 catalyst beds with use of Flow Bin containers (quality certified containers used for the storage and deposit of all dangerous substances, including inflammable catalyst);

Reactor loading of 300 tons catalyst using the Densicat© Dense Loading technology, in four 12 hour shifts , including also loading of all inert spheres and inspection on behalf of the client, after having carried out the inspection of the collection tray;

Overall turnkey service carried out by Nico, from the flow bins supply, to the dense loading machine and specialist, to the internal inspection with mechanical works and internal cleaning using our vacuum truck;

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