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  Case History - Catalyst Handling Case History  

Reactor D3401,
during Vacuum unloading

Reactor D3401 ,plant HDC2 Refinery ENI of Sannazzaro

Chevron-Lumnus technology , 5 bed Hydrocracking reactor loaded with almost 200 tonns of Pyrophoric Catalyst;

All the Catalyst has been unloaded using vacuum equipment with nitrogen recirculation , because all the internal catalyst drains didn't work ;

The Catalyst has been loaded with HPA dense loading , supplied from Nico , because it was a request from Chevron.

All the activities (vacuum unloading , internal cleaning , internals opening , High pressure cleaning , internals repairs/closing and Catalyst Dense Loading) has been carried out by Nico within 8 days (upon 24 hours shifts ) .

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