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Reactor R4001 plant MDDU
Reactor R 4001 plant MDDU

Middle Distillates Dewaxing Unit (MDDU) The design capacity of the unit is 600.000 MT/Y and the technology applied from ALBEMARLE (Licensor). The feed is a blend of Vacuum Gas Oil, Spindle Oil and Light Waxy Distillates.

The products of MDDU are:   Gas Oil with 150 PPM sulphur and decreased pour point(0oC).

Treated Naphtha. Sweet Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

AMOC's CFI unit, consists of 1 reactor R 4001, configured in 3 beds with 2 Interbed sections and quench distribution.

Each bed contains aproximately 45 m/Tonnes of catalyst with a ditributor tray on top. 

Totalling, 3 beds of catalyst, 2 quench zones, 2 Support grids and 3 distributor trays.

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